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Turning Interest Into Action


While we understand that our vision may not be achievable in our lifetimes, we firmly believe that violence and abuse are preventable.


Who Are We


Shining Light In Darkness charge is to engage voices to create change in the prevention, intervention, and response to sexual assault and domestic violence and create healthy relationships and compassionate communities.


Shining Light In Darkness carries out its mission through an integrated program of healing, education, and advocacy. Our work is paving the way for innovative approaches to treating trauma, igniting shifts in the way the public views and responds to sexual assault and domestic violence to ensure fairness for survivors across the world.


Shining Light In Darkness endeavors to build a capacity of programs, organizations, and systems through empowering communities to provide safe, compassionate, trauma-informed, inclusive and accessible services to adolescents and adults and their children exposed to sexual assault and domestic violence.


Our Vision


Shining Light In Darkness vision is a world free from sexual assault and domestic violence.


Our Mission 


Shining Light in Darkness mission is to provide holistic healing to meet the needs primarily of the underserved victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. 

Our Core Values


In carrying out our mission and pursuing our vision, we are guided by the following core values: