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Programs & Services

Our programs and services include support groups, information and referrals, community education, and advocacy in domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, and stalking.  

We work to see a world free from sexual assault and domestic violence by planting seeds of discernment with training and workshops for community members and professionals. 


We promote healthy relationships at all levels, including the relationship with oneself and others, from home to work and beyond.


Services are delivered from the 'Holistic Approach' - that is, encompassing the whole of a thing, and not just one part, attentive to safety in all aspects, addressing the whole person-centered - body, mind, spirit, and emotions for answers.

Shining Light in Darkness’s trained educators are available to present to law enforcement officials, members of the clergy and other faith-based leaders, community organizations, corporations, and professional associations on the dynamics of sexual assault and domestic violence.

If you are interested in scheduling a training seminar for your group or workplace, please contact us at

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