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Our Story

A series of traumatic events have marked Florida's life. At the age of seven, she endured molestation by a family member. In her early twenties, she experienced the horrifying ordeal of date rape. These early traumas compounded when she entered her domestic partnership, where she faced both sexual assault and domestic violence at the hands of her former partner. Throughout these distressing experiences, she never sought professional help or treatment for the trauma she endured.


The turning point came on Labor Day in 2015 when a traumatic car accident unleashed a Pandora's box of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), causing long-suppressed memories and unresolved trauma to resurface. At this juncture, Florida embarked on a journey of healing and self-education to understand how the unresolved trauma had profoundly impacted her life.


Motivated by a deep-seated desire to assist other victims and survivors in addressing their trauma and pain, Florida gave birth to Shining Light in Darkness in 2014. Driven by her profound connection and love for helping people, the organization was founded to aid sexual assault and domestic violence victims and survivors on their path to healing and rediscovering joy in their lives.


Today, Shining Light in Darkness is on a mission to be a trusted provider of support, skills, and resources for the underserved victims of sexual assault (SA) and domestic violence (DV) to help end violence for all. This organization has grown into a community of caring and compassionate individuals, all sharing the goal of creating a world free from sexual assault and domestic violence. Shining Light in Darkness carries out its mission through a comprehensive program portfolio encompassing holistic healing, education, and advocacy.


The work of Shining Light in Darkness is sparking a shift in public perception and response to issues related to sexual assault, domestic violence, and teen dating.

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