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Florida DeVaul-Dudley

Beginning at the innocent age of seven, I experienced an extremely traumatic life-altering event. Fast forward in my twenties I experienced date rape. And then in my thirties domestic violence, intimate partner rape and a near-death experience. Unfortunately, many of my hardships and traumatizing life events included multiple episodes of physical, sexual, and mental abuse by family members and from those whom I thought I could trust. When I attempted to tell individuals no one listened, my voice was not heard.


Being a victim and a survivor, I am utilizing my personal and professional experience to make a great impact in the world to see a world free of sexual assault and domestic violence. I am no longer silent, I now stand up and speak out “BOLDLY” against sexual assault and domestic violence for those denied their own voice.


Through my experiences, Shining Light In Darkness was founded and incorporated in 2014. Shining Light In Darkness addresses sexual assault domestic violence, rape, molestation, and teenage dating/domestic violence. My professional experiences include over 20 years of working in law enforcement, healthcare, accounting, education while advocating for victims, survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I have dedicated time and energy in the service of helping others.


It is my desire to help victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence heal their minds, bodies, and spirits and reclaim their lives. In creating programs for victims and survivors, I know personally from experience that everyone heals differently. I choose holistic approaches that engage the mind, body, emotion, and spirit for healing purposes and try to discover the strategies that work for each individual.


It is also my heartfelt desire to assist others to use their voice by refusing to be silent about the hidden trauma, suppressed memories and traumatic experiences they have endured. It all starts with a voice. Some have been silent so long, they do not believe or even know that they do indeed have a voice. The voice that was once silenced now speaks freely and openly from the deepest pain and hurt to healing, finding freedom and hope and peace.


Shining Light in Darkness is a beacon of hope for victims, survivors, and their loved ones. I persevered and overcame the evil that tried to engulf me.  I hope I can inspire someone to take hold of their life, use their voice, and live their best life to the fullest not just by living but, by thriving. Through God’s grace and mercy, I can truthfully say there is happiness and joy on the other side of the trauma.  I am eternally grateful for a loving and supportive husband as well as those that have helped me through my journey.


I am the wife of a loving husband, a mother to four beautiful daughters and two handsome sons, a grandmother to three handsome grandsons, and a business owner


I will continue to “listen, support, extend my hand and raise my voice against sexual assault and domestic violence”. My goal is to have a world free from sexual assault and domestic violence. 


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ED Dudley

Like many individuals sexual assault and domestic violence were somewhat after thoughts as they were not initially apart of my upbringing or early adulthood. I would hear about it but it was never apart of my consciousness. Then things changed in my life that brought these epidemics to the forefront of my mind. 


Sexual assault and domestic violence not only affects the victim, it has the tendency to affect those that truly love the victim too. I’ve learned that first-hand.  While I was not apart of my wife’s life when she suffered these tragedies many years ago, I felt her pain and agony as I walked along side her to her ultimate journey of healing.

Learning that someone you immensely care about has been victimized can take an emotional toll.