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Sexual assault and Domestic violence can be like a house of mirrors, so many illusions but so few real options. They both are a tough subjects to address. The facts often go unspoken and the worst bruises are unseen. The statistics are overwhelming to support the need for help when individuals make up their mind to love themselves enough to get out of these situations. Moral support is just the beginning and often times what is needed to make the initial decision. Taking further steps requires planning and finances to secure freedom. Yet, the world continues its normal routine while people's entire lives are shaken. There seems to be no one that understands their isolation and segregating circumstance. How are they to find help when no one can hear their cries?

The darkness of sexual assualt and domestic violence is only defeated when brave souls shine their light as a beacon. The most terrifying storms are those that blind and deafen the victim. It leaves one to feel helpless and unable to make decisions. Which way is the help? Which way is the danger? How do I stop my whirlwind long enough to make a sound decision. There is a team of individuals that are trying to shine a light to make a way visible for those that have been in the isolation of domestic violence's darkness. They are giving a voice to the issue by refusing to be silent about the true horrors being endured. They are offering tangible help and not just talk and ideas. They are SHINING LIGHT IN DARKNESS!

Shining Light in Darkness is a beacon to signal hope. Florida DeVaul-Dudley leads the team and has herself been triumphant over her life challenges of domestic violence. Her passion to see others do the same drives her to speak out against this debilitating experience. She is shining her light in darkness with the help of her team and making a way for others to follow her brave example. The team not only wants to give people the light to find their way out, but also to give the resources that will help heal wounds. It all starts with a voice. Some have been silent so long, they do not remember the sound of their voice anymore. Not the voice that is heard with the ear, but the voice of truth that speaks from the heart to release pain and find hope.

You have the ability to join this team with your support. The statistics on domestic violence only reflect the cases that are reported. History has proven that many more victims will not come forward for fear. Your financial support of this organization puts a mic in the hands of those brave enough to speak out. It will allow their voice to be heard in the storm of domestic violence when all else seems bleak. It also will pay for the resources to take steps beyond just a decision to leave. Your volunteer support of this organization will lend more hands to the cause and extend their outreach ability. Your sponsorship support of this organization will lend your professional skills to aid those in this incredible battle with more tools and resources. However you believe your support can provide a mutually beneficial relationship with the organization, you are encouraged to reach out to them.

Author - Abonni Anthony

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