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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Mr. Molester,

How could you steal a child’s innocent? How could harm your own blood? Your family! The child was in the first grade. You were in your 20s. What you did was reprehensible!! The child, now grown stills deals with the trauma of what was stolen from them. Decades later the child can recall every single detail from the first time you assaulted them. The memories haunt this individual on a regular basis. You now live a life far removed from time that you stole the innocence of this young child with your sexual assault. While you move on in life trying to live a life as an upstanding citizen inside and outside of your religions institution, your victim is now a survivor of your molestation. You may have buried your sexual assault in the recesses of your mind, just know that there is a reckoning for your abuse. While it may not be to you, I pray your children and your children’s children never experience an ordeal of molestation and sexual assault like you placed on that innocent child.


J. West

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