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Community Education

A key part of our mission is to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence. Our Education & Outreach Program offers a range of presentations and workshops designed to engage and educate our community about healthy relationships, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  

SLID can tailor presentations to meet your needs, including time frames, population, and location. We offer community education and prevention programs for groups of all ages in a variety of formats.

Public Education

Staff can provide presentations to any group, including schools, civic organizations, businesses, and churches. Presentations can be informational regarding what the agency provides services or can be more educational in nature. Educational presentations can include dynamics of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, teen dating violence, etc.

Prevention Programs

Trained educators are available to provide programs for students of any age on a range of topics. Educational programs may include topics such as body safety, safe adults, dating violence prevention, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, etc.

Professional Training

Trained experts are available to provide professional training to anyone who regularly works with survivors of domestic or sexual violence, such as law enforcement, medical staff, counseling and social work professionals, clergy, school faculty, and staff. Topics can include red flags of abuse, how to handle a disclosure, safety planning, legal/medical rights of survivors, protective orders, special populations, etc.


SLID has Preventionists who can tailor presentations about domestic and sexual violence for the following groups:

  • Grades Pre-K through College

  • School Faculty & PTAs

  • Hospitals

  • Mental Health Providers

  • Military

  • Community Groups

  • Greek Organizations

  • College Organizations

  • Athletics Teams

  • Police Departments

  • Church Groups

  • Scouting Groups

  • Daycare Providers


To request tailored presentations and training, please get in touch with us at

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