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What We Believe




No one organization offers all the solutions and we believe in forging new collaborations, coming together with a wide range of partners and creating new approaches.




We view each individual as fundamentally healthy and whole. We value the fullness of a person’s being, believing the whole self involves the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. The totality of an individual’s experience and needs are connected and deserving of balance. A holistic approach is based upon the understanding that each individual defines his or her own healing path. Healing comes through a variety of styles. We acknowledge all paths to healing with equal value and respect.



and Diversity

All forms of oppression create a culture, which enables sexual assault and domestic violence to occur. We value inclusiveness and diversity and believe that the voices and experiences of victims and survivors as well as all human beings are vital in preventing sexual assault and domestic violence.




Everyone has the power to create change in the prevention, intervention, and response to sexual assault and domestic violence. It is essential that Shining Light In Darkness be a highly adaptive organization, receptive to outside signals, agile enough to change course, and flexible enough to respond to new opportunities in order to stay relevant, effective, and achieve social change.




Violence is preventable and all individuals have the right to healthy, life affirming relationships demonstrated by respect, trust, safety, mutuality, individuality, support, acceptance, and caring and everyone has the right to live in a thriving compassionate community without fear or the threat of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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